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Meet Our Talented Health Professionals

Our dedicated team of health professionals is here to help you get your life back on track.
Get to know me:

Head Physiotherapist | Owner

Roslyn Trimboli

Master of Physiotherapy

Bachelor of Health Science (Sport & Exercise Science)

Why physiotherapy?

The love for what I do comes from years of seeing patients getting amazing results. Correcting my patient’s injuries to prevent the surgery pathway is my greatest joy. Surgery should be a last resort, and should only be considered after exploring all treatment options. The body is an amazing structure that has the ability to heal if loading and aligned correctly. Results can be amazing and I sometimes am referred to as “ a magician” or “an angel” which gives me the greatest job satisfaction and is the reason I’m still working actively after 12 years of practising.

I grew up playing all sports and eventually played professional netball and became Sports Captain in High School. My life was sports and I saw so many professional athletes ruin their career from injuries. My goal is to provide the most-advanced physiotherapy treatment for patients, always.

My method is unique! Through analysis of the body, its biomechanics and physical preparation, the athlete can feel prepared for an injury-free season. And if the athlete requires to be treated from an injury, I design programs to give them a speedy and safe return to sports with no career-ending injuries.


Domenic Garzo

Doctor of Physiotherapy

Bachelor of Health Science (Sport and Exercise Science) | Certificate in Whole Body Massage

Throughout my sporting career, I underwent numerous injuries, which required physiotherapy treatment. I was frequently exposed to the physiotherapy environment from a young age, further developing my passion in this field. The most appealing aspect to me was the understanding relationship between physical activity and how the body functions as a whole to create the desired outcome when treating patients.


Lachlan Campbell

Bachelor of Physiotherapy

My passion for physiotherapy developed from my vast sporting background. As a physiotherapist, I love helping people achieve their goals. Whether that is to improve everyday function, decrease pain levels or improve and maximize performance.

Massage Therapist

Justin Buttigieg

Growing up, I was always curious about the human body, and it was a fascinating subject for me, especially the way muscles work biomechanically. The feeling of helping people to get back to work or playing their favourite weekend sport is fantastic. As a soccer player myself, after years of playing, I learned how important it is to maintain fitness and a healthy lifestyle. That’s why I chose to become a massage therapist.


Tiana Todorovic

Uni Student


Cathy Ferrari