Clinical Pilates is an excellent way to improve stamina, mobility and overall health. Today, scientific studies show that Pilates has exceptional results for physiotherapy patients.

Why Pilates?

Pilates fits well with rehabilitation and physiotherapy programs as it strengthens the intricate, smaller muscles and larger ones too.

At Back on Track we use pilates to provide patients with the following benefits:

• Increased degree of flexibility and balance

• Easy exercises that could otherwise be too difficult or too painful for patients

• Improved posture and body tone

• Improved pelvic floor function

• Strengthened core during and post-pregnancy

• Increased stamina and performance for daily living and the practising sports

Western Sydney pilates

Who is it for?

Pilates is a mind-body centring technique that emphasises the importance of beginning movement from a central core of stability. At the clinic, these specialised core stability programs are conducted by experienced physiotherapists trained in clinical Pilates and are a safe and effective exercise method for an array of health issues, including:

Multiple Sclerosis
Chronic neck pain
Low back pain
Lowered blood pressure
Nonstructural Scoliosis
Fall prevention
Surgery rehabilitation
Osteoarthritis or Rheumatoid Rrthritis
Sports Injury

Your Pilates Sessions?

Classes run in 5-week blocks with an initial consultation to determine individual biomechanical issues. Please contact us for more information about the next class and to book an initial consultation.

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Copyright by Back on Track 2020. All rights reserved.

Copyright by Back On Track 2020. All rights reserved.