Workers Compensation

We are accredited Workers Compensation Physiotherapy Providers
We work with clients who need Physiotherapy via Workers Compensation.

Physiotherapy for Workers Compensation

“Physiotherapists help people affected by injury, illness or disability through various approaches including manual therapy, movement, functional exercise, education, and advice. They use physical techniques to improve function, reduce pain to increase a worker’s capacity for employment and guide workers to transition to a self-managed exercise program”. For more information, visit SIRA’s website.

We are a fully accredited and licensed clinic who pride ourselves on getting workers back to the quality of life they had before their injury. Workers Compensation treatments consist of an individualised plan and graded return to work program.

Your appointment will require you to fill our a Workers Compensation form with the following details, so please ensure to have these details on you for your first appointment.

  • Claim Number
  • Insurer Details including, case manager’s name and phone number
  • Employer details
  • Medical Certificate
  • Date of Injury/ Accident


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Copyright by Back on Track 2020. All rights reserved.

Copyright by Back On Track 2020. All rights reserved.